Male Voice: There are a number of ways of picking size. Some surgeons really believe that it should be up to the surgeon to make the final call. We'll put the sizers in that they're called during surgery. I like the patient to be really involved in the process upfront and for them to have kind of the final sign off on what size we're using.

So we'll start with the base diameter measurements and then we'll just have to put sample implants in a bra and I'll have them do these on a couple of different times so they don't feel that they've been rushed into making a decision because it's an important one.

If you respect that base diameter, then that defines the range of sizes that are appropriate for you and you know, there are a couple of fudge factors that people use like, you know, "Everyone says well I should have got a little bigger." So if you know that in advance, you can kind of make your decision across accordingly.

They tend to look bigger stuck in a bra on top of your breast and they're going to when they're implanted so you have to factor those things in as well. I don't think there is a perfect way to pick the size. Sometimes we'll see patients and this is actually pretty typical. You know right after surgery, they'll say, "Oh my God, these things are huge, what have I done." And six weeks later, they say, "Oh, these are perfect. I was so smart." And a year later, they say, "Yeah if I had to do it all over again, I might have gone a little bigger." So it's sort of a moving target sometimes too.

How To Pick The Right Implant Size

Doctor Richard Baxter covers the process of picking your perfect implant size.