Sagging skin or skin laxity on the face and the neck area, the best treatment option for that is something called Ultherapy which is a no downtime procedure. It’s called the Lunchtime Facelift. It takes about an hour and a half to do the procedure. It helps tighten and it lifts the skin. It produces collagen and it can last for up to three years. It takes anywhere from two to four months to see the results.

Ultherapy can be a little uncomfortable so we pre-medicate the patients with valium, and as long as they’re not allergic to something like Aleve, we have them take four Aleve about an hour before the procedure. That eliminates the uncomfortable sensation.

Everybody has a different pain threshold. Some people don’t even need the valium but that’s just kind of a procedure that we do. We want everybody to be comfortable. There’s no need to do an elective procedure that you’re doing to improve the way that you look and be uncomfortable for that hour or hour and a half.

How to Improve Skin Laxity

Dr. Tina Venetos discusses how to get rid of sagging skin on the face and neck area using Ultherapy for the "lunch time facelift."