We actually like the CoolSculpting machine by Zeltiq for body contouring. It is FDA approved. It is permanent fat reduction. With one treatment, you can have 20-40% reduction in the area that’s treated. It is permanent. It is FDA approved. That is something that we have been doing in our office for the last three years, and we’ve had excellent results.

For the first five minutes, when the machine is first placed on you, it actually has to take up the area that is going to be frozen. That feels like a cooling sensation. Once the machine starts the freezing process, which just feels cold, after the first three to five minutes, you’re very comfortable. The machine freezes the area that’s going to be treated and you don’t feel anything. You could work on your iPad, you can talk to a friend on the phone, you can watch a movie for the hour treatment; that’s how long it lasts.

The fat is actually crystallized. Once we take the machine off, for five minutes we massage the area that’s been treated and then your own body eliminates the fat. It takes anywhere from two to four months for that to happen, and it is permanent.

Body Conturing Treatments Options

Dr. Tina Venetos discusses how CoolSculpting works and when you can start to see the results.