Obviously, that's one of the most difficult things you have to do when you're deciding whether or not to have breast augmentation. What I tell my patients is like picking out a really expensive dress to wear for the rest of your life without trying it on, and I think it's really hard to do, but I think we, at least in my pactrice, we offer four different ways to try and do that. I think there's 3D imaging that we have and I think that works fantastic. It's not as accurate as we want it to be today but I think it definitely gives you a really good idea. I think before and after pictures help. If you bring in an after picture, you go, "That's about my frame, that's about what I want to be," we can get you very close to that. I think the other way is if you go, if you have a bra line that you like, like Victoria's Secret, you go there and you stay in your same band size. Try on different cup sizes and if you go, "I like the 34D," most plastic surgeons will try to get you to that size and they should be able to do that pretty comfortably. And then the last part is the try on implants and you can even have somebody take pictures of you with those implants and a tight shirt or something like that so that you can look at those pictures and see your whole body and your whole frame and get a good idea if the proportions work for you.

4 Ways to Choose the Best Size For Your Breast Implants

Dr. Bivik Shah explains the four ways a patient could go about choosing the best size for their breast implants.