Dr. Scott Farber: With breast implant surgery, there are a lot of different options available. More recently, there's the new anatomical implants--or "Gummy Bear" type of implants--that are good for a specific group of patients that don't necessarily want an augmented appearance.

Specifically, the upper pole of the breast, or that roundness of the breast. Those implants are designed for those particular types of patients.

For patients that want a slightly more augmented appearance...more round implants will provide that increase in volume while giving that slightly rounded appearance that can be seen in bathing suits and low-cut dresses.

It's really an individual preference to be discussed between the patient and the surgeon to really pick the appropriate type of implant.

With regards to size--which is another important issue--we do bio-dimensional planning...which basically measures the patient's anatomy, their chest width, and takes a variety of different measurements to appropriately pick an implant directly proportional to that patient to achieve a pretty appropriate appearance.


How to Choose Between Different Implant Types

Dr. Scott Farber discusses how to choose between different implant types.