My patient population tends to be the 35 to 65 year old women, mothers of the children that I see.

And they are fit. They tend to be educated. They tend to be proactive with their health.

But what tends to happen is the body is slender but the face loses volume so they're feeling great physically but they're finding that they're having the typical sagging of the face or difficulty with pigmentation or coloration of the skin that they really seek help for.

In terms of prevention, of course, the loss of Collagen comes from sunlight, pollution, smoking, so forth. So, if we can avoid those things as much as possible with sunscreen and healthy living that's great.

But in terms of procedures what we want to see our ladies doing is things that revolumize the face and minimize that volume loss and those deeper wrinkles and loss of the central face because really when you look down at your cheeks you should be able to see them and over time you can't.

So if you find that that's happening you really need to have that central apple of your cheek replaced and that will pull away those lines that form on the side of your nose and your mouth and we can do that. We can revolumize with products like Sculptra or Juvederm and the new Viluma that's out by Allergam now that we've all been trained on in our practice as one of the first practices in Atlanta to be trained in Viluma.

How to Add Volume to the Face

Doctor Candance Kimbrough-Green discusses how to prevent losing volume in the face and how to add it back in once you do.