Rhinoplasty costs can vary across the country, by physicians and by what you have to have done. Rhinoplasty cost can range $3,000 to $15,000. The most important thing is that you see a qualified doctor and someone that you feel comfortable with. If you're basing your surgical procedure on your face, something that you're going to have forever and cost alone you'd be making a big, big mistake. I would highly suggest you don't put that as your primary factor on deciding whether or not to do a surgical procedure, especially rhinoplasty which requires expertise because God forbid you're not happy with your procedure, you're going to have to go through a secondary procedure and this is going to be a lot more involved, a lot more expensive, and you're going to wish that you paid higher price when you went the first time around. So if you're basing it on price alone, you might be making a mistake. First and foremost, make sure you're seeing an expert and make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor that you're on the same page. Because this doctor is someone you're going to be involved with intimately for at least the next year, maybe beyond. And is that doctor going to be attentive to? If you take those factors into consideration when you're deciding about whether or not to do a rhinoplasty, then cost should fall a little bit lower on your priority list of choosing who is going to be the physician to work on your face.

3 Things That Are More Important Than Price When It Comes to Getting a Nose Job

Dr. Steven Dayan understands that while the cost of a procedure is certainly a factor, he stresses that it should actually fall a lot lower on the list when compared to these other priorities.