Hi. I'm Michael Zadeh, Z Center for Cosmetic Health. One of the treatments we offer here is painless laser hair removal. Now clients often ask why do we need multiple treatments when it comes to laser hair removal. And the answer is this; our hair follicles grow in different phases, so in order to achieve permanent hair reduction the hair needs to be treated during each phase of the hair growth cycle. That's why we require multiple treatments. With just one treatment there's no way to get all the hair in the treated area because they're all growing at different rates. So by coming back every four to six weeks for additional laser hair removal treatments, we can insure that we get all the hair follicles in that treated area and can achieve the most permanent hair reduction. Now depending on the quality of the laser hair removal machines, some machines are not as effective as others, and may require more treatments to develop permanent hair reduction. This also depends on the quality of your hair, the darkness, the thickness, and so forth. Take care.

How Many Treatments Are Necessary For Laser Hair Removal?

Dr. Michael Zadeh talks about why multiple treatments of laser hair removal are needed to get the best results.