Hi. It's Dr. Epstein [SP]. I'm here in the operating room ready to perform, under local anesthesia and some oral sedation, a brow lift, bilateral. The patient has a combination of a few things. She's got a low brows. You can see she's got low brows, especially on the right side. She's already sleeping. Just been given Valium and Ambien, but basically what we want to do here is bring up, the concept of an aesthetic eyebrow lift, or brow lift, is not to do this sort of accomplishment, but rather bring the eyebrows up and out. So basically the eyebrows are going to be in a much more open and in open position. And you see what we're going to do, [snoring] and she's really sleeping. Anyway, you see what we're going to go ahead and do is bring this up and out and the incision's made up here in the hairline. I'll show you on this side. It's easier to see, right along here. So I preserve a little bit of hair in the front but then I bring everything back. It goes down and I free up the muscles that are holding down the eyebrows. I am going to lift up more on the left than the right side to give her just an overall more open and aesthetic look. For the lower eyelids she's got a little bit of excess skin. She really doesn't have any excess fat. I'm just going to do what's called a pinch technique where I remove a little bit of the skin. Anyway, this procedure, as I said, I do the majority of brow lifts under just oral sedation and you can see the patient's very relaxed. I think the most important thing is the first step which is establishing confidence and trust in the patient in his or her choice of a surgeon. I obviously have this patient nice and comfortable with a minimum amount of sedation. Anyway, we're going to go ahead and get her numbed up and then we're going to proceed with the procedure which should take overall a little over an hour. Anyway, this is Dr. Epstein. Thank you.

How Is a Brow Lift Performed?

Dr. Epstein demonstrates and explains the methods behind a brow lift and lower pinch facial plastic procedure. The endoscopic brow lift utilizes tiny scopes that maximize visualization while minimizing the size of the incision made in the scalp.