Hi. This is Dr. Portuese in Seattle and today we're talking about spreader graft replacement during the rhinoplasty procedure. Spreader grafts are used for both cosmetic and functional purposes. The green area shows where the spreader grafts are placed and they can be placed on either one or both sides. The red area shows the area of the septal cartilage that's harvested to be able to fashion spreader grafts. Here's a patient that has a bit of an hourglass deformity where the upper lateral cartilages are very narrow in the mid-vault are. This photograph shows where specifically the spreader grafts are placed. Here's a patient who underwent spreader graft replacement on one side to balance out the assymetrical nose. Here's a patient who had spreader graft replacement on both sides to widen the mid-vault area of the nose. And the same for this patient to widen the nose. For more examples and information, please see our profile on

How Are Spreader Grafts Used During A Rhinoplasty?

Dr. William Portuese explains how bits of a patient's own cartilage are harvested to form long grafts called spreader grafts and how they are used during surgery.