Dr. Hui: Today we are rejuvenating the under-eye area with Belotero using the cannula technique. I have already pre-numbed the area with 1% lydocaine with epinephrine. You can see a nice circle blanching, and I've already created my entry point with a 23 gauge needle.

Now I will insert my syringe with a cannula. It flips easily into the entry point, and then I will advance my cannula to the areas that need revolumizing. Easily advance forward. How are you feeling?

Woman: Fine.

Dr. Hui: Fine. Next I will inject my product Belotero into the tear trough area. Using fine slow movements, gently place the product along the areas that need revolumization. Now Belotero is a great product to use for the under-eye area. It's made with hyaluronic acid with an interesting technology that allows it to disperse itself very evenly between collagen bundles, preventing the bluish hue that can sometimes happen with fillers. We're just gently injecting here the patient. It's comfortable, right?

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Hui: I'm putting in small, little micro-aliquots of the Belotero to revolumize the area. I have injected about 0.1 ccs, and you can see the area I'm revolumizing before our eyes. Sometimes I will gently palpate to make sure everything is in place. There we have it.

Hide the Appearance of Puffy Eyes with Belotero Balance

Dr. Andrea Hui demonstrates the use of Belotero for rejuvenation of the under-eye area.