This is the patient I just showed two hours ago, showing how we assess scalp laxity. Here she is. We're able to advance her hairline just down to that line that I marked out. You can see now the amount of advancement which was just about an inch, a little over like 22, almost 2.5 centimeters. We're able to bring this forward. Her incision is already suture-closed. We'll place some antibiotic ointment, a light pressure dressing and she's doing well. She's a little sleepy right now. I'm sort of helping to hold up her head. She's laughing. But everything looks great and tomorrow we'll take this big dressing off but you see the improvement that we were able to achieve with just a single procedure. Anyway this is Dr. Epstein just showing the immediate results of a post-op surgical hairline advancement. Thank you.

Hairline Advancement Post-Op Results

Dr.Jeffrey Epstein shows the results of a recent hairline advancement, completed just hours before. He was able to advance the patient's hairline by an inch.