Hi, it's Dr. Epstein. I'm with a patient. We did him yesterday. It's post-op day one from around 2800 grafts. Actually did another video yesterday showing how we planned his hairline. Let's go ahead and take a look and see what we've done for him. He had a really high frontotemporal recession, receded hairline. You could see how much filling in we did here. Turn around this way. He's post-op day one. He's a little red, but that's his natural skin color. He has a very fair complexion. We did all of his temporal sides and went all the way up into here. You could see all this work. You could see how nicely the grafts were arranged into these little irregular patterns, thicker, thinner, thicker, thinner, thicker, thinner, all spaced out irregularly. We did more up in here and then last we got some in the crown.

Anyway he did well. He's post-op day one. I just wanna show you how we worked to place those grafts as many of them as we did, created a good density for him. We used recipient [inaudible 00:00:56] 0.5 to 0.7 millimeters which was great for him. Smaller recipient size means greater density, less risk of damage to the existing hairs.

This is Dr. Epstein. Thank you.

Hair Transplants Look Even Better in Long Hair

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein shows off a hair transplant patient just one day out of surgery and you can see what a huge difference the new hairs will make once they grow out.