Hair transplantation. There really are two main procedures when we're talking about hair transplant these days, and they can be performed for both men and women. The story's a little bit different for each. But basically, the two methods are: the traditional also known as the strip method, or FUE, also known as follicular unit extraction.

And for the strip method what we're doing for men, we're commonly going to the back area, and for women too, we're looking for a good donor area and then we're removing a strip of hairs. That strip is then finely sewed into a fine-line scar, and the strip is taken under microscope and the individual hairs are carefully dissected. Those individual follicular hair units are then transplanted to the area where we need it most. That can be the frontal hairline, the temples, a little thickening here in the central island or the crown to give you the best result.

Another way of doing this is follicular unit extraction, and in this approach, we actually cut down, shave down, the hair in the back, and in this nice and wide, area we remove individual follicular units. It's virtually scarless, and then those individual hairs are then implanted into the recipient area where we need the hairs the most.

Both offer a really great way to improve your hair density and to make you look more youthful and have more hair. Whichever way that you choose, pick a surgeon who has a lot of experience and really is going to work with you to design the most natural result.

Hair Transplant Strip Method vs FUE: What Are the Differences?

Dr. Yael Halaas explains the process of a hair transplant and the differences between the strip method and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).