Hi, it's Doctor Epstein with a patient who's had a prior procedure. He's here for a second procedure. I figured I make this little video here in the OR. We're gonna listen to music,my assistants are busy cutting the grafts under the microscope. His head is covered up and I just wanna show you this was his before and you can see this is before procedure. We did a strip procedure on him, you can see at a pretty advance degree of hair loss and here he is after. Go ahead, not to close. Here he is after one procedure, this is over a years worth of growth, around 2800 grafts. You can basically see what was done with basically filling in this entire area. He had very low hair before. We're just about to start the procedure, I'll show you how I make the recipient sides using blades which was 0.5 millimeters for the single hair grafts followed by 0.6 and 0.7 so we create a nice irregular appearing hairline and you can see I can start right here and make little incisions and these are gonna go ahead, these are being made between the existing hairs. Once again this is the 0.5 millimeter recipient site, very little bleeding, that's what we do with the single hair grafts then low for the back for two hair grafts. You can see I'm making a 0.6 millimeter recipient site, which is gonna allow his hairs to fit in there that's when we make the two hair grafts. Now I'm following his own natural direction of hair growth and then this is a 0.8 or 7... 7 and 8 we use for three hair grafts. This is actually an eight for the big one's which I'll put right in here and the smaller threes will go in here. So you'll see how I just make these nice little recipient sites. He's got little bit of bleeding, that's healthy we like to see that, he doesn't feel anything and that's how we do it. Anyway this is Doctor Epstein showing the result of follicular grafting procedure as well as intraoperatively showing how recipient sites are made which after they're all made they will then be planted. Thank you very much.

Hair Transplant Procedure in the Operating Room

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein demonstrates a hair transplant right in the operating room, explaining how recipient sites are made.