I'm with the patient on whom he had some chest to scalp hair transplant. FUE from the chest to the scalp showing a couple of these, um... he's had a couple of these other procedures, it's actually his fourth procedure. Um, done a total of, I think we did around 800 last time, correct? Is that right? Anyway, he's had some really nice regrowth. Um, you can come a little closer in here. I just basically wanna show you that we've been able to get some, create some nice density in here and most importantly just uniform coverage because that was his main area of concern. He's very happy. He's obviously back for another procedure. The reason we're using his body here is that his scalp here is pretty much depleted. So today we're gonna focus on some more areas. You can see how nicely his chest has healed up. You can barely, if you'd all see, you know any scarring. If you would look really close you can see a little bit of whitish dots. Fortunately he was born with a nice... or developed a nice amount of chest hair. But anyway it's a nice result, this is not your first line technique but it's definitely something which is a good tool for patients that have had a lot of their hair depleted. Anyway this is body FUE from the chest in this case to the scalp. Thank you very much.

Hair Transplant FUE Graft From Chest Results

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is with a patient who has undergone a series of FUE chest to head hair transplants. Dr. Epstein explains why this technique is not generally the first line treatment option.