This is Dr. Epstein. I'm with a patient who's almost five years post-op from hair transplant. He was young at the time. He was 27, 28. We did a strip procedure on him. We do more and more FUE procedures now. But, for him, a strip procedure with... That was five years ago, we weren't doing very much FUE, and he did great with it and he healed up beautifully. And I'm going to show it actually.

This is him before. He came in at a really delicate time when he was... Had lost a good portion of the hair along the top of his head. As I said, he was around 27, 28 years old at the time. Went ahead and did a 2300 graft procedure, and hang on a second, I'm going to let you show... Let's go and take a look. You can see how really nicely, what a nice job... You know, result he achieved. You can see my markings because I'm going to be doing some more work here. But you can see his hairline was all filled in. He does have a lot of miniaturized hairs here. He's taking Propecia which is helping him.

And what we're going to do today - because he did so well with his last procedure, this is basically all transplants - is we're going to go ahead and transplant, bring his hairline down a little bit lower. Let me show you his donor site scar, which, you know once again, not everyone heals up as beautifully as him, but he absolutely healed up beautifully. You can see or you can barely see what is a fine-line donor site scar, which really healed up well. So, today, we're going to go ahead and take right from that old donor site scar and be able to get an additional probably around 1500, 1600 grafts more or less.

Hair Transplant 5 Years Post-Op: Back For a Touch-Up

Dr. Jeffery Epstein introduces a patient who has had a hair transplant before, about 5 years prior. The transplants have grown in well and he has returned for some touch-up grafts to fill in the edges.