Dr. Epstein: Hi, it's Dr. Epstein. I'm with a patient who's just about exactly one year as post to on 2200 grafts. We did around 1400 up front, and then we did the rest of them in the crown. The typical, the most impressive results are those up front. Let me show you his before head. Come in. This is, basically, this is his before view. You can also see he was pretty thin in the crown, but we're going to really focus on the front. Here he is today. He's happy. No, it's not Ernest Hemingway. You can see what we're able to do here. You can see how nicely we filled him in. You can see the before. There's the after. We didn't go too crazy here, but we were able to get a nice result. Filled him in nicely. He also got some coverage. Turn down just a little bit. We got some coverage here. We really focused those grafts right in here, just to take away that, that real thin look there. Anyway, he's happy?

Patient: Definitely, definitely.

Hair Grafts 1 Year After Transplantation

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a patient who underwent 2,200 grafts to the top of his head about a year ago and is back to show off his results.