Forehead lines are really the lines that are centrally in the forehead, and really, Botox is probably your best option. But if you want something that's non-invasive that can provide a brow lift, Ultherapy is FDA-approved for brow, face, and neck lift. And that can be really a nice procedure with again, no downtime. And if surgery is 100% improvement, then this might be a 30% improvement, but it can give a really nice open-eyed appearance. Ultherapy is ultrasound energy and it has micro-focused tea and so it feels like hot water droplets when it goes on and then slowly over time and it takes a couple months, your body will build some collagen and then you'll have a really very nice result. But it's not surgery, you know, so you can't have surgery expectations for that. Well, we know that it lasts beyond a year. And it's possible, you might want a repeat treatment, but the initial treatment is just one time, so it's possible that you might want to have a repeat treatment in another year.

Forehead Line Reduction With Ultherapy

Dr. Elisa Burgess recommends Ultherapy to reduce fine lines on the forehead and lift the brows.