Dr. Jennifer Reichel: Hi, I'm Dr. Jennifer Reichel at Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center and we're doing a fat transfer here on one of my wonderful patients and now we videotaped it for all you guys and gals.

So what I've done so far is plumped up the medial aspect of her cheek where she had a little bit of an asymmetry compared to the other side. We've done a little bit under this eye so far and I touched above the eyebrow. You can see that it actually gives the effect of having the eyebrow elevated when you throw a little bit of fat underneath there. That's a great, great transfer. Of all the fillers, this is my very favorite and I have a lot of patients says things that it makes their skin look better and we think it's because their estrogen is in there. So I think my patients are uniformly happy with this filler.

Now, we're putting some in the nasolabial fold. So this is 0.8.

With that, you always overfill so we're going to make her actually a more round face and fuller because there is a lot of water within it and so that would be withdraw by applying.

Female Voice: None of this hurts by the way for anybody watching because we've already gone through the anesthetic portion. So when she's doing this, a lot of times I'll close my eyes not because I'm sleepy or drugged out or anything like that. It's just because I don't always want to see it coming but it does not hurt and the effect or result is incredible. It's great. I've done it at the same time by the way. I know how I look right now.

It goes down really quickly. It's pretty amazing.

Fat Transfer for the Face

Doctor Jennifer Reichel documents a fat transfer procedure for the face.