Fat grafting is a really gentle augmentation. I say it's for someone who's really not looking for more than a cup size, so half a cup. If you’re really happy in a padded bra, then fat grafting maybe a good option. I do this for a lot of patients particularly who are looking for very natural results. The combination of a shaped implant with fat grafting can be ideal. A lot of surgeons and I recommend putting them under the muscle to decrease some of the risks that we see putting over the muscle, decrease risk of capsular contracture. And this means with an implant under the muscle, there's only so close they can get together in the cleavage region and that sometimes in really thin patients can look unnatural, so fat grafting underneath the skin in the cleavage region really can enhance the breast augmentation to have it look very natural.

And we're very careful to put the fat right underneath the skin, not into the breast tissue and not anywhere around the implant. A lot of times this is combined together. For people who aren't sure, I see women that say, "Well, I don't really need to get fat rid off anywhere else and I'm not sure that I'll need it." It can be done as a very small procedure with minimal recovery later on down the road.

Fat Grafting To Breasts For a Slight Size Increase

Fat grafting to the breasts is gaining momentum in the world of breast augmentation surgery and Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler explains what it is and how it can be utilized.