You have really a few options with the under skin structural components. You can either use a toxin where we can create a more refreshed relaxed look . If the appearance is because of muscular dynamic issues, we can use a toxin to help relieve those and give them a more relaxed look. If their appearance issues are due to the volume where they've lost volume or the volume has become redistributed to other parts of the face, then we can use fillers to help adjust those. So depending on which way the patient is seeking to go, we try to focus in on those areas.

Currently, there are a couple of options. I think that the tried and true method is fat injections, but a lot of times, isolated fat volume augmentation can be a little unpredictable. I think that the two products that I currently use in the practice that are really quite good for that are Sculptra and Radiesse. I also use the new product that was just released called Voluma. The major difference between those products are the fact that the Sculptra is a product that's a collagen stimulator, so I like that for a more generalized volume rejuvenation, whereas with the Voluma and the Radiesse, they are much more limited. I think that when you look at the volumes of the products themselves, the Sculptra comes as an eight- or nine-cc vial whereas with the Radiesse and with the Voluma, they're one cc-vials. So there's a little bit of difference when it comes to those products.

Facial Rejuvenation: Areas of Concern and Popular Products

Dr. Daniel Pyo discusses the separate parts of the face and how he can help patients address their appearance concerns using different products.