It is really important to focus on the changes that need to happen in order for someone to look good, and really the importance is restoring balance to the face, re-inverting the triangle. So as we age the face becomes more square in shape. And we really want to narrow the lower part of the face and widen the upper part of the face for the most part.

That means using some volume to add back to the upper part of the face, possibly removing some volume from the lower part of the face. And then reshaping the deep layer to resupport the structures along the jaw line and along the neck to really re-invert the triangle and have that really youthful shape to the face.

So whether you're doing less of that for somebody who needs less work, less shaping versus someone that's got a lot more sagging skin, a lot more volume changes, we would adjust the procedure for those individuals. So using a mini versus a maxi versus a tiny, we really want to focus on the individual.

How a Facelift Should Be Customized For You

Dr. Trevor Born reveals the goal behind the traditional facelift and how each type of lift works to achieve it.