One of the questions plastic surgeons get asked regularly about facelifts is "How long will it last?" The answer is really "It depends." It depends a little bit on the type of facelift. You have a full facelift or a simple skin only facelift much similar to a lifestyle lift, or whether you have a mini-lift, and it really depends on how aggressive that lift is. If you've got the wind-blown look of Joan Rivers, really tight, it'll last a long time but really what we're seeing is at 5 years most facelifts look quite good. At 10 years, they're starting to show their wear. Although a lot of people say it's going to last 10 years, that's really a false statement.

The fact of the matter is that a facelift will last your lifetime but it will age with you. At 5 years, it's looking good. In 10 years, it's not looking quite as good because you've aged. Fifteen years, not as good but it will stay with you. If we roll the clock back 5 years or 10 years, at 20 years later, you'll be either 5 or 10 years, depending how much we rolled the clock back, you'll be that much younger. "It will last your lifetime," is really the answer but whether you want to maintain it is another question. I hope that helps.

They Say a Facelift Lasts 10 Years, But "That's Really a False Statement"

Facelifts are frequently said to last 10 years, but Dr. Brian Windle reveals that it really depends on a number of factors.