The neck age is just like the rest of the face and is hard to distinguish the neck from the face. Sometimes there can be skin laxity. Sometimes there can be some accumulation of fat. Sometimes there can be muscle laxity. And the treatment or the selection of treatment for a neck lift really has to take those factors into account. If it's just some fat, sometimes we can just do some limited liposuction on the neck. And that can work out very nicely and give a nice result with the ultimate goal just being to trying to restore the contour of the neck and the jawline. Sometimes it's more extensive. We can do limited incision neck lifts where we're tightening the muscle and tightening up the skin. If the aging process of the neck is a little bit more advanced, then sometimes a face and neck lift needs to be done. It's a little bit artificial to separate facelifts from neck lifts because they really are treating ends of the same spectrum and a lot of times people will come in for a neck lift and we end up talking about facelifts and extending it. There's not a lot of difference between a full neck lift and a facelift in terms of recovery and cost and things like that but the advantage of adding facelifts and treating other areas is it might allow better definition of the jawline and treatment of the jowls and cheeks, which at the end of the day will give us a much more harmonious result and something that looks more natural.

Facelifts and Neck Lifts Treat Two "Ends of the Same Spectrum"

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the components and causes of neck laxity, or sagging of the neck. The options for treatment of a saggy neck are also discussed, as well as the differences between a facelift and a neck lift.