Dr. Epstein: Hi, it's Dr. Epstein. I've a nice result. I've a patient who is exactly one week status post full face lift with neck lift. Let's take a look at her before photos. You can see she had a prominent jaw line, cheek fat pad was down into the lower cheek region, and she had excess skin in the neck. She's exactly one week post-op and here she is, voila!

Cindy: Hi.

Dr. Epstein: She's doing really well. Turn this way a little bit like this. You can see the improvement to her jowl area as well as her jaw line. Nice and solid. This is her incisions. She's still a little swollen here. Also, I did set back her ears as well at the same time, but you can see where the incision was made. She's healing up beautifully. Incision's hidden back here. Let's go to the other side, Cindy. Same thing. This side's a little less swollen, which is nice. And you see how I was able to, by pulling up the cheek fat pad, not only is this propped here, but I was able to give her a little bit of better definition along the cheekbone region. But incision, once again, incision's all healing up beautifully. She's really doing a great job. No large incision was made under the chin. It was all done through a small liposuction incision. So, once again, you can see her before. And this is what I like to show, is the cheek fat pads which used to be down here are now up here. The jaw line is significantly improved, and primarily the neck line is just a nice result. How're you doing?

Cindy: I'm doing good. I feel great. I'm a little stiff with the neck, but that's to be expected. All in all, it went well. I'm happy.

Facelift Patient Displays Incisions 1 Week Post-Op

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein invites a patient to display her healing facelift incisions just one week post-op, providing insight into the length and location one can expect for their own procedure.