Facelift is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States today. Now what's interesting is facelifts have changed. They've evolved quite a bit over the last decade. In the past, the lifting and pulling and tightening, that was what many people are doing when they're getting a facelift and you saw a lot of older women who are getting facelifts and their face is pulled, they were looking perhaps a bit unnatural, and that was not ideal. That's not the way to get a facelift, that's not the goal of a facelift.

Over the last few years the facelifts have changed. They've become much less invasive, much less surgeries involved, and the results I believe are so much more natural. Now there's many names for facelifts, from mini-lifts to S-lifts to weekend facelifts, but the reality is that all of them are quite similar. They are kind of getting smaller and less invasive in nature to minimally invasive facelifts. I believe that a facelift should be more filling than it should be pulling and tightening and when it's done like this, the results are very natural. Patients usually feel better within seven to ten days to get back to work. There's minimal to no evidence that this procedure was done if it's done well and it's done by an experienced physician.

So what are the costs of getting a facelift? Well, they vary. They vary quite a bit. If minimally invasive facelifts are done and not much surgery is required, then it may be in the range of $5000 to $6000, or they could be in the range of $20,000 to $30,000 if it's much more involved and there's many more portions to it. Sometimes a facelift includes the forehead, the cheeks, the neck and sometimes includes just the cheek, jaws and neck, and sometimes it just includes the neck.

So it's really important you talk with your physician to understand what you're trying to achieve and make sure you and the physician are on the same page so that your goals can be met and it can follow in a price structure that works best for you.

How Invasive Is a Facelift and How Much Does It Cost?

Dr. Steven Dayan explains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S. today: the facelift. The doctor breaks down how facelifts have improved over the years and what you can expect to pay for one.