Anthony Bared: Hi, my name is Anthony Bared, I'm a facial plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida, and I'm here with a patient who's now approximately three months after a facelift, rhytidoplasty, and a laser resurfacing.

The reason I bring up this patient is important because the South Florida community, there's a heavy Hispanic population, and those patients often fear laser resurfacing because of skin discoloration and skin pigmentation issues. But it can be done very safely and very effectively.

In these cases, oftentimes when you do have hyperpigmentation which develops, which is a darkening of the skin after laser resurfacing, there are creams and skin care regiments that I place all my patients on postoperatively, which helps to diminish that hyperpigmentation.

It’s actually a known entity that's expected called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. And this patient with us here today had developed it initially after her surgery. She started developing it approximately three weeks afterwards and then with the use of a skin care regiment, we were able to greatly diminish the appearance of the hyperpigmentation, the darkening, to the point, now, where we see her today.

She's very well healed from both her facelift incisions, which were done below the hair line, behind the ear cartilage, and it comes around behind the ear, and then it wraps around to the back of the hairline, within the hairline.

She is now three months out and has been doing well. I'm not sure if you want to comment on the experience and so forth.

Mayra Trinchet: Of course. My name is Mayra Trinchet [SP]. I'm an attorney. At first, I was very hesitant because, of course, you're very scared when you're out in the public, and you know you have these types of procedures. But I am so satisfied, and every morning when I wake up and I see myself, I think I'm a teenager and I just adore Dr. Bared.

Anthony Bared: Thank you, Mayra. So, my name's Dr. Anthony Bared. I’m a facial plastic surgeon in Miami, thank you.

Facelift and Laser Resurfacing 3-Month Post-Op

Dr. Anthony Bared introduces a female patient 3 months post-op for whom he performed a facelift and laser resurfacing to help her look and feel younger.