I'm showing an eyelash transplant, a really nice... Cindy, why don't you go and take a look? This is the original eyelid. This is the one side. This side, we've already done. We've already placed 36 hairs, or 18 grafts. I'll show you how we do this.

We thread the hairs in. This is for purely cosmetic purposes. This is a double, a double hair, which works better to give more density, not for every patient, but in this patient, clearly it does. And you can see them. She's been numbed up. And I'm basically gently inserting that, and then I grab the needle. And you can see the hairs have been threaded through the needle, and you're going to see how nice this threads through. And what we do is we pull through, and you see how it sort of pops in perfectly. Then we trim it. Jackie is going to trim it. Voila! And there we have another hair. So now we're up to 38 hairs.

Anyway, this is Dr. Epstein showing how we do an eyelash transplant. These hairs will need to be curled, but you can see what a nice result we can achieve. We're probably going to place around 84 to 90 hairs on each side.

Eyelash Transplant Produces Longer, Fuller Lashes

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein takes us into the operating room where he shows us an eyelash transplant procedure.