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Dr. Epstein: It's Dr. Epstein with the patient who is immediately status close to 750 grafts to the eyebrow. I wanted just to show how nice the results can be. She's happy. Let me show you. She had had prior tattoos done. So what we did was fill them in, a little over 360 grafts per side. You can see that, well, I don't know how well you can see. Try to focus in on it, but these hairs here growing out in a directly vertical direction, then these hairs grow slightly down the bottom. The top ones grows slightly down, the lower ones grow slightly up, so we got a crosshatch pattern giving her a nice aesthetic look. We've taken the time to make sure they're about as even as possible. She's a little bit swollen but overall not bad. She's happy.

Female: Yes, I'm very happy.

Dr. Epstein: She's happy. I'm happy. The procedure looks great. This is, as I said, around 750 total grafts to the eyebrow. Thank you.

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Eyebrow Enhancement: Immediate Results Post-Procedure

Dr.Jeffrey Epstein explains, with the help of a patient, just how immediate the results of an eyebrow enhancement can be.