Instructor: So we're gonna augment the mid-face today. Here, and along the malar eminence, and then a little bit of cheekbone augmentation. So this is Laura's first time getting injections. She was nervous, but now she's ready.

Laura: [laughts] Ready.

Instructor: Let's squeeze something.

Laura: [laughs].

Instructor: OK. Relax. You OK?

Laura: Mm-mm.

Instructor: This is what it's gonna feel like. Is that OK?

Laura: Mm-mm.

Instructor: If you look at her face, she's got a loss of volume through here, and then, just by adding some volume in through here, like she doesn't have the, that loss of line in center you know. Your skin's sensitive, huh?

Laura: Mm-mm, yes.

Instructor: Yeah, just from touching it you get red.

Laura: So this helps me, this here?

Instructor: Yeah, I'll show you right away. You'll see, because that's gone already. I mean, for there you can definitely see it is right away. See like right here, it look really good. Here I'm just molding and shaping. Like I didn't, like it's not a huge difference. But, it adds some volume into the . . .

Laura: Right. The crease here.

Instructor: Yeah, I'm not treating your crease today.

Laura: But it's, but it's, it's not, as predominant. It's, it's, better though isn't it? It's not . . .

Instructor: Yeah, it is better. But that's because we're lifting up the skin.

Laura: Right.

Instructor: That's the point. Like, in the old days, they used to only fill the fold, and that would look weird too because then it was like . . .

Laura: Right.

Instructor: Because even a three year old has a, a nasal-neo, a fold. So when they only filled the fold, that looked weird. Like, putting volume into your cheek here does help lift the skin up and make it look better.

Laura: Mm-mm.

Voluma Injections for First-Time patient

Laura, a new patient with Dr. Lisa Airan, experiences Voluma injections for the first time. Watch and see what to expect from the experience.