Well, Juvederm Voluma is is one of the new injectable products that are used to facial contour. It's actually an amazing product based on hyaluronic acid, something that came from Allergan in their Juvederm portfolio. It's a product that we find is amazing for cheek re-contouring, to redevelop what we call the ogee curve, a nice smooth curve on the cheek.

The way the Juvederm Voluma differs from most hyaluronic acids is that they use a short chain of hyaluronic acid in order to create the product. By using a short chain, it becomes very tightly compact, and the product won't swell like other products have a tendency to swell. It also has an amazing ability to lift tissue. So really, it's more of a lifta than a voluma.

What we find is that most patients are treated in one single session. The fact that the product works so well allows to use what I call an economy of product, meaning you use a very small amount of product where a little difference in anatomy makes a huge difference in appearance. So patients can expect a very delightful experience, actually. The product has a rheology, which means that it flows so easily that you can inject it through very small needles. It has Lidocaine integrated into the product, so it's practically painless. We certainly call it minimally discomforting, and the procedure usually takes anywhere from about 15 to 20 minutes to do. You go for symmetry in the cheeks with a beautiful ogee curve contour, which is a nice smooth contour to the cheek. We find that recreating this beauty and youth at the same time is a very, very pleasing result.

The interesting thing about the product is that we've seen results lasting in the area of approximately two years. It's kind of like filling up your car with gas. You end up running around for about two years, and at the end of two years it's not that you're completely empty, but you're down just a little bit. So in a very organized maintenance program, you're able to get reinjected maybe once every 18 months or two years with a small amount of product to maintain your look.

I think the readers of Smart Beauty Guide should understand that this product is quite different from most hyaluronic acids that are available on the market in the way that it's able to re-contour and lift tissue. It's the only FDA-approved product on the market right now for cheek contouring and for restoring volume depletion in cheeks. As we get older, we have a tendency to lose the volume in our cheeks and put it on elsewhere in our body. That's sort of God's sense of humor. But we're able to restore the natural contours with this type of product in a practically painless, minimally discomfort type of procedure that takes around 15 to 20 minutes. There's usually very little bruising associated with it. You're back to activity almost immediately, and the results actually get better with time. You look a lot better about a month after than you do right after the procedure.

I think that it's a really novel product, and I have to give my Kudos to Allergan. I have no interest in the company, but I do love smart stuff. When they develop a product that's specifically designed to re-contour cheeks, where we seem to have the most devastating effects as we get older because of the fact that we seem to have volume deplete in that area, I think this product was really smartly designed. It's used almost like a tent pole to elevate the tent canopy so you don't have to flood the cheek with product. You can use a small amount of product to actually lift. It's completely reversible, which I think is a very key element. It's always nice to have an eraser on anything that you do. The product has been really tested well through all the FDA trials that we've had and showed that amazing amount of patient satisfaction and result that we were getting with it.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Juvederm Voluma

Dr. Arthur Swift explains the new Juvederm Voluma product that has been making a huge splash in cheek augmentation.