Today we will be addressing this lovely, young lady's fine etched-in lines around her mouth and we'll be using a product called Belotero which is a great product for these fine, etched-in lines to provide that finishing touch that collagen used to help with.

I'm going to perform the serial puncture technique along the length of her etched-in line. So we will begin at the top, just inserting just the point of the needle, the hub of the needle looking for that maze blanch. We're injecting intradermally as we go along here.

Belotero is hyaluronic acid. It is a great product because its technology allows it to evenly disperse between collagen bundles. As you can see here, slight little blanching as we go along. I'm injecting nice and slow, and it's okay to see the product come out the pore sometimes, then you know you're in the right plane intradermal. Again this is the serial puncture technique, very gentle, very slow, and as you can see the etched-in line is softening and disappearing before our eyes.

Again this is Belotero and there we have it.

Correct "Etched-In" Lines Around the Mouth With Belotero Balance

Dr. Andrea Hui demonstrates the use of Belotero Balance for correction of fine, etched-in lines around the mouth.