Our patient here has a wedding she's going in about three or four days so even though in the past we've done both Botox and Dysport for her, since Dysport kicks in a little quicker than Botox, we're going to switch the Dysport for her today. She should start seeing results in the next few days. But just like Botox, it takes up to two weeks to see a full result. The injection that we're going to do today will be to all three areas, which is the glabella, the central forehead, and the crow's feet and lower lid areas. The dose that we'll use will be a 3 to 1 relationship between Dysport and Botox. So as I mentioned before, if we do one unit of Botox, we're going to do three units of Dysport.

Now, nationally if you look at the numbers, the doctors do between two, two and a half to three times. Three times is actually quite rare. I like the three times dose. We end up losing money on the injection, but the patients get a better result. I think three times the amount of Botox. So for example again 20 units of Botox at glabella would equal 60 units of Dysport. If you cheap on it and do about 40 to 50 units of Dysport to the glabella, the results are just not as nice if you do three times. So what we've done is we've dropped the price of our Dysport per unit just so patients can get a better benefit out of it. Now, we're going to show the technique. I've drawn up our Dysport, the way that I mixed it.

This comes out to about 6/10 of a cc. We're going to start in the glabella. You can zoom in close so we can see this area. Go ahead and frown for me and you can see. Now go ahead and wrinkle your nose, there you go. Now, we're going to leave the bunny lines alone. She doesn't have a lot of procerus so we're going to put just the smallest drop right here and then concentrate more on the depressor, the corrugator. With Dysport, you definitely want to stay more medial because it does travel a little bit more than Botox. If you get a blood vessel on the way, you just put a little pressure and it will stop. While I'm holding pressure, we're going to go to the other side, then the depressor.

Let's try again in the corrugator. Raise your eyebrows for me. Okay. She's got a very nice lateral raise. We're going to keep those for her. So we're just going to concentrate just a few little drops in the central forehead and leave the outer alone for her so she can raise it. Again if a nice little blood vessel gets in the way, just hold a little pressure and it will stop. Things that make bruising worse are obviously any kind of aspirate-containing medications, ibuprofen, NSAIDs, some supplements such as gingko, Echinacea, vitamin E, flaxseed, fish oil, all those can make you bruise more because they thin out the blood. We're going to go around the eyes while I'm still holding pressure.

You go down here and you can see this one. It's just right under the skin. Form the bleb; you can see a nice bled. It's not bleeding because it doesn't go into the muscle. You can see I raise the eyebrow because I want to go underneath the brow but outside with the orbital bone. I'm going to drop there, let it go, come down to the bottom part of the crow's feet. Another blood then finally my little advanced technique again as a beginner, you should not attempt. But if you feel comfortable with anatomy by injecting the lower eyelid area, you got a nice smoothness all throughout, because what happens is if you avoid this area, this crow's feet area gets all smooth and then when you smile, you see more wrinkles now on the lower eyelid which is not a nice look.

We're going to go to the other side while I have her hold this herself. Okay. Go up here. Again you can see one little blood. Lift the brow up. Another blood. Three. This one burns the most typically. I'm going to have you hold this now. I've got a little left. What I'm going to do is I'm going to come back up here in the central compartment and just let it spread. Hold a little pressure. That's it. So out of all those injections, she'll probably get a tiny little bruise right here. This one is barely even noticeable. It's easy to cover with makeup or it should fade away in a few days into kind of a yellowish, greenish spot that's barely noticeable.

But again if you have something major coming up, you shouldn't do the injections right before this, but we have about four or five days for that tiny little bruise to kind of fade away and be able to be covered with makeup and the nice effects of the relaxation that the Dysport will give her halfway is a little tiny spot there.

Dysport Injections Deliver Quicker Results Than Botox

Dr. Shervin Naderi explains the differences between Dysport and Botox.