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  • Male Plastic Surgery Can Sculpt and Define a Sexier Physique
Hi, I'm Dr. Adam Oppenheimer, and I'm a plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida. I think it's a lot of work now being a man and trying to keep up with women in their appearance these days. In order to do that, there's several topics that I deal with, and several procedures that I perform that are specifically directed to males in plastic surgery.

The simple one and the straightforward one is affectionately known as "brotox," where basically you receive botox to areas of the face to decrease the wrinkles that are there, and to smooth out the appearance. Generally, the most common areas are the crow's feet, the vertical frown lines, or the glabellar lines, and the frontalis line across the forehead.

In addition to that, I'm very excited about liposculpting. Liposculpting essentially involves targeted liposuction to specific areas of the abdomen and the chest, in order to sculpt the physique and to give the appearance of more defined abdomen and chest.

For the chest, I generally use an ultrasound assisted liposuction technique, and that can help break up the thick and dense fat in this area to really smooth out the chest and give it a more athletic appearance, as opposed to the excess fat and drooping nature of the skin in that area.

The other thing that I do with liposculpting is I use laser liposuction to specifically target certain areas of the abdomen. That actually allows me to define the six pack muscles and the obliques, as well, by targeting specific areas, based on my knowledge of anatomy and the use of the laser. The laser is really aggressive and can sculpt out channels in the fat that can then cause natural contours on the abdomen that really look wonderful for physique.

So, again, I think men have a lot of work to do to keep up with women these days, and there's some tricks that we can use in plastic surgery that can help give you a boost. I'd love to talk to you about these topics and more in plastic surgery. Again, I'm Dr. Adam Oppenheimer in Melbourne, Florida, and thanks for watching.

Male Plastic Surgery Can Sculpt and Define a Sexier Physique

Women take the time to care for their appearance so why should men do any differently? Dr. Adam Oppenheimer explains how he uses several available tools and treatments to enhance the male physique.