Hi. I'm Dr. Adam Oppenheimer, and I'm a plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida. One of the common questions that I get asked after breast augmentation is that, a woman will complain about her breasts feeling firm. This can really be from a number of different reasons. The most common reason is actually because of something called capsular contracture. This involves progressive scarring around the breast implant. It actually traps the implant into place, and doesn't allow the breast to give. It actually creates a firmness with scarring around the breast. This can be pretty easily corrected by removing the implant and the capsule, and simply replacing the implant in the same pocket.

Another reason why breasts might feel firm following breast augmentation, is actually the type of implant used. In the early 2000's, for example, saline implants were the only implants that really were available on the market. And a lot of women have since complained, and a lot of plastic surgeons have realized, that these implants actually feel a little bit more firm to the touch, when compared to a silicone implant. So, in these cases, it's very straightforward to remove the saline implant, and replace it with a silicone implant.

Both implant types and capsular contracture can really affect the way a breast feels, after breast augmentation. My goal is always to have a very natural feeling breast. I think, if you have any concerns about these issues, I'd be more than happy to talk to you. Again, I'm Dr. Adam Oppenheimer in Melbourne, Florida. Thanks for watching.

Post-Augmentation Firmness: What Is the Cause?

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer discusses possible causes of a firm, uncomfortable breast following breast augmentation surgery.