Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa Airan, and I'm an Aesthetic Dermatologist in New York City, and today, I wanted to talk to you about Sculptra. Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid bead that we put underneath the skin. And then that bead resides in the skin for about six months. It simulates the body to produce elastin and collagen in response to the injections. After six months, the bead goes away completely, and then, what you're left with is your own tissue.

So this is how Sculptra comes, it comes in vials. It's not resuspended, so there's tiny beads on the bottom. Whenever I see a patient, what I do is first analyze them, to see which areas could use some volume to make them look as naturally good as possible. After I've evaluated the patient, I then mark them, and give them small little areas of anesthetic, so that they're really comfortable during the injections. Once the anesthetic has taken place, I'm able to inject through the areas with the needle with the Sculptra, and then put it into those areas, where I would like to see change.

Janet's already had two treatments with Sculptra, so she already looks fantastic, but this third treatment is kind of like completing the golf swing in the areas that we've marked. Adding a little bit more volume in those areas is going to make a huge difference in how she looks. You could see the change right away with Sculptra, but it doesn't last. After three days, it goes away completely, and all that's left is the bead underneath the skin, the poly-L-latic acid bead. And that bead stimulates her own body to produce elastin and collagen in response to the bead. After four to six weeks, the body has responded to the bead. And then, the tissue that she's left with is her own tissue.

So we do see the patients back at four to six weeks, and if they need another vial of Sculptra, we give them the Sculptra at that time. We continue this process until we have achieved the final result that we're looking for, which is usually after two to three vials. And then, those results last for two and a half to three years. I'm just doing her massage, which she'll need to do herself, five times a day, for five minutes for five days after this. You could see that she's got a little bit of change, but it's just related to the volume that I've put into the tissue. That will go away after two to three days. And then, four to six weeks later, she'll be left with her final result.

Sculptra Injections and Recovery Process

Dr. Lisa Airan injects a patient with Sculptra as she explains how the product works and what patients can expect following the treatment.