Typically rhinoplasty or revision cases can take anywhere between 30 minutes to two to three hours. I would say an hour and a half is an average time. The downtime is about a week. The patients go home on the same day after surgery. There's very little pain to not at all. Bruising is common. A little bit of swelling is common. When the cast comes off of the nose at one week, typically a little bit of makeup can cover any remaining bruises and the patients at that point are ready to go back to work or school. I asked patients not to go to the gym for two weeks. Essentially that's pretty much a downtime. If a nose looks natural, immediately after surgery nobody can tell anything was done.

Rhinoplasty Requires How Much Recovery Time?

According to Dr. Shervin Naderi, a typical rhinoplasty requires about one week of patent down time to allow the nose to properly heal and the bruising to dissipate.