Doctor: Today, we will be performing revolumization of the hands using Radiesse and the cannula method. Hands often reveal our true age as, with sun exposure and loss of natural volume over time, the skin becomes thin, and we can see more of the veins and the tendons, which gives us an aged appearance. So today, I will be providing revolumization with Radiesse. I have already numbed the area with 1% lidocaine with epinephrine, and I also have created the entry point using a 23 gauge needle. I have chosen a 25 gauge, 2-inch cannula, attached to the Radiesse syringe as I will be injecting 1.5 ccs total of Radiesse, split evenly between both hands. I have already blended this with a one-to-one ratio of 1% lidocaine. So let us begin. Go through the entry point. It slips easily into the subcutaneous point. I will enter here for the first area, and you can see it just very gently slides along the hand. How are you feeling?

Patient: Good.

Doctor: Good, the patient's comfortable. So I'll start injecting now. Since I'm just injecting a small bolus, you can see a little bit of plumping beginning. And then simply massage the area. It blends in with the surrounding skin. Then I will re-position my cannula for the next area. Inject a little bolus there. Massage, smooth out the area. Then you will go for a few more areas, until the hand is completely revolumized. Just gently, gently massage the area. The Radiesse smoothly integrates into the dorsal hands. There we have it. Done with one hand. Just putting in the final volume. I will withdraw the syringe and cannula and massage gently. And then as you can see, a very smooth, natural, youthful result, immediately. How do you feel?

Patient: Good.

Doctor: Good. There we have it.

Don't Settle For Wearing Your Age on Your Hands

Dr. Andrea Hui performs a hand rejuvenation treatment with Radiesse for a 51-year-old woman.