In this video series, what we're going to do is three procedures. We're going to do a dental block and there is a video of that on our website showing the technique, but we'll do it again here today. After that, we'll do a lip injection and we'll use Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid. We're going to inject upper and lower lips for Jennifer. Finally we're going to use Perlane which is a different form of hyaluronic acid, very closely related to Juvederm, but it's made by a different company called Medicis Aesthetics. It's a little thicker, stronger molecule that lasts just a little bit longer and it can be put into the lips; however, it creates too much bruising and bleeding in the lips. It's fantastic for sculpting the face and the cheeks in the malar eminence.

So what we're going to do is we're going to put in this location just to give a little dots of cheek implants but lately for the last several years, I find use of hyaluronic acids and Radiesse as much more beneficial. It's much easier to sculpt exactly where you want to put it. They're soft with implants on the cheeks. The problem is you may come out of the OR and wish that it was just slightly bigger or slightly smaller. Well, you're out of luck and you have to go back to surgery. But with fillers, you can contour them as you please and modify with time, add more or just let it shrink down a little bit. You can also put them in different locations. You can build up the mid face area. You can build up the tear troughs. You can build up the zygomatic arch to give the face more height, more of a triangular useful look, more of a volume for aging face issues. So we do lots and lots of that lately and everybody likes it. It's very quick as you'll see.

Discussion About Lip and Cheek Augmentation Using Facial Fillers

Dr. Shervin Naderi discusses his reasoning behind recommending facial fillers over implants for ku=io and cheek augmentation.