Interestingly, there is some new data out that shows that diets that are high in the glycemic index can actually cause acne. We used to think chocolate, potato chips, no, not really. Turns out, if it is high in the glycemic index, it can cause pimples. Interestingly, milk is high in the glycemic index. It's a natural sugar, so it's still high in that index. It turns out skim milk is a little worse for you than skim milk.

So this is the time that if you are drinking lots of milk everyday, eating a lot of cheese, doing a lot dairy, you might want to see if you can cut down, and if that makes a difference.

Also, for men, they're doing a lot of things like with creatine, whey protein, and I'm finding in my patient population that young men who are doing those things like Muscle Milk and building for their body are actually getting acne, because remember those products are not approved by the FDA. They're sold over the counter as nutritional supplements, so you're not really sure what exactly what's in them. And I've found that sometimes I tell them to just cut that stuff out, and their acne does clear.

Dietary Causes for Adult Acne

Doctor Kavita Mariwalla explains what items in your diet may be the cause of adult acne.