Dr. Kavita Mariwalla: They think of hormones as surging during teenage years, but remember now, women are on birth control pills more. And then, women are experiencing menopause at different ages, and there is also a lot of hormones that get triggered when you are underneath tremendous amounts of stress. And if you are in college, you are in graduate school, anybody who has been through those times of life, exams are stressful no matter how old you are. In addition, women are doing a lot more in the house and at work.

So, some of those things can really up regulate chemicals in the body that can then trigger acne. Not to say all acne is stress related, but hormones certainly play a big role in it. And then, remember, women are tending to have children later on in life. And so, all of the sudden, you have great skin. You are pregnant. Things are breaking out, and you are like, “Oh my gosh, I’m 30, 35 years old. What’s happening?” and that is because you are going through changes in your body and your life a little bit later than people used to.

Do Hormones Affect Adult Acne?

Doctor Kavita Mariwalla discusses the affect hormones have on adult acne.