Botox is the most common procedure that's done in America. There's millions of people that have it done every year in America. And it really is not useful for everything but for certain areas it can be very useful. The commonly treated areas for Botox include the crows feet, the forehead, and the frown lines. And by using Botox, we can relax the muscle that's creating those wrinkles and make them soften. Botox cannot be used to remove every wrinkle. But what it does is it treats the dynamic creases in those areas. The beauty of Botox is you can have it done and go right back to work. There's no recovery time. And over time, those wrinkles start to fade and really work out nicely. By using Botox, we also can prevent deep wrinkles from happening. So people are starting with Botox younger than ever before. The only downside with Botox is that it doesn't last that long. It's very predictable and it usually lasts for somewhere around three to four months. So people do have to come back in to have it done. But at the same time, because there's no recovery time, most people don't mind that.

Did You Know: Botox Is the Most Common Treatment in the U.S.

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the areas that can be treated with Botox, as well as how it works and the types of wrinkles able to be treated. The limitations of Botox and how long it lasts are also discussed.