We're going to treat the depressor muscles of the lip. Look up for me. Just pout. All right. One, two, and three. Just your lips. Good. One, two, three. That just helps the corner of the mouth from coming downward when the person smiles or pouts or speaks. Now we're going to treat the lines in the neck. Show me those muscles. Okay. One, two, three. And that gives the person an improvement in the bands that the patient has in the neck. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Other side. Okay. Okay. And again. It's important you get all the outside bands too. That really helps minimize the chance of the bands reoccurring. That's it.

Botox Can Be Used All Over the Body, Including the Neck

Dr. Mike Majmundar uses Botox to treat a patient with lines of her neck and the corner of the mouth.