So Jill here, my licensed esthetician, is performing a Dermapen treatment on me for toning purposes, so tightening the area above my eyelids and above my brow, to give my heavy brows a little bit of a lift, or see if we can. What she's applied there is a product that we use that has some stem cells signals in it, not stem cells themselves, but the actual signals that come from the stem cells, that places the other cells in the skin in more of a youthful environment and allows that cell to be more rejuvenated and act healthier and younger, and the Dermapen process in itself will help tone the skin and lift the skin over time. One of the great things about Dermapen is that it works over several months because it actually creates collagen in the skin itself and tightens and pulls, and also it gives you a little bit of plumpness, which is great, as you get older, since you continue to lose some volume.

DermaPen Tightens the Forehead to Create a Subtle, Non-Invasive Brow Lift

Dr. Mike Majmundar undergoes a Dermapen treatment for skin tightening in his forehead while explaining a bit more about the actual procedures. Stem cells biosignals are also used for optimal results.