Male Voice: The way I start the dental block is initially with some numbing gel inside the lips. I used 20% Benzocaine where it basically is a gel format and it comes in different flavors. It comes in strawberry and pina colada. We're going to use pina colada, which is actually not a bitter taste at all so patients don't mind it.

So what I'll do is I'll grab the lips. So just gently rub it underneath the lips. This is the injection site for where the dental block is actually going to go. So it starts the numbing process. It makes even the dental block a little bit more pleasant.

It's safe to swallow. How do you feel?

Female Voice: Good.

Male Voice: You can swallow it.

Female Voice: Okay.

Male Voice: The next one I'll do is use a mixture of lidocaine with epinephrine that I talked about before. I go gently underneath each lip. So open up for me a little bit and grab the lips. You can do this from outside of the skin but why give somebody an injection site in the bruise underneath their skin when they don't need it? I go gently underneath the lip until I get to the origin of the infraorbital nerve which comes out of the bone, the branches and gives off nerves towards the lip and I'll fill all the way to the lip.

Okay, on this side. I fill while I'm going with the needle and I just pull back and then inject. How do you feel?

Female Voice: Good.

Male Voice: One tiny little spot here at the frenulum. It's a little bit more sensitive but it's important to numb up because that will numb up the central part of the lip. I usually go get her upside because I'm right handed. I go ahead and numb up the mental nerves. They come out and innervate the chin and the lower lip. The last one. Okay.

Dental Block Administered Prior to Lip Augmentation

The technique for administering a dental block is discussed preceeding a treatment with lip filler.