Dr. Glasgold: One of the greatest concerns for patients when we're talking about facelifts is pain. And, everyone has these horror ideas about how it's going to be painful, and they have a friend who had this big dressing over their head and had drains coming out, and there was blood everywhere, and they were in bed for a week, and they needed a nurse. We really try to get away from that and take a very complex and significant operation and make it a fairly simple undertaking. Good, Debbie. How are you doing?

Deb: Okay.

Dr. Glasgold: Okay?

Deb: I'm seeing two of you right now.

Dr. Glasgold: Yeah, that's from the medication.

Deb: Okay.

Dr. Glasgold: How's the pain? Your discomfort?

Deb: There is no pain or discomfort.

Dr. Glasgold: The first thing we've done is all of our procedures are done under twilight anesthesia. So, the patient perceives that they're asleep, but the anesthesia is out of their system very quickly. There's no nausea. They can walk out of here. There's no dressing. There's no big bandages. There's nothing. Have you looked in the mirror?

Deb: No, I haven't seen it.

Dr. Glasgold: Do you want to look in the mirror?

Deb: Sure. That's it? That's all there is?

Dr. Glasgold: They just walk out of here just like they walked out of surgery. There's no drains. There's no staples. There's only sutures, and so I think patients are very comfortable in that early period. They have something to eat or drink right away. They go home. They can have lunch or dinner. It's not difficult. They can walk around a little bit. It's very unusual for someone to say that there is any significant amount of pain in the first 24 hours. It's very typical for patients to just take Tylenol for the first 24 hours and even after that. Most patients, I would say about 20% of the patients, 30% of the patients end up needing some form of pain medicine, but most of them do very, very well without it.

Deb's Facelift Journey Part 3 - Immediately After Surgery

Dr. Mark Glasgold describes his unique approach to deep plane facelifts discussing how the patients do not have to wear bandages or wraps and no drains. He emphasizes how much more comfortable his patients are post-op.