Dr. Glasgold: One of the things that commonly happens is that women want us to image them on the computer. And I really don't like imaging because I think it can set up unrealistic expectations which I'm always trying to avoid. You can get into these conversations with women, "Can't you take a little bit more off my neck? Can't you make my jaw line a little straighter?" And you can't draw what someone's going to look like and it's setting everyone up for going back to that image and saying, 'Well, the neck didn't come out quite like I thought it was going to be.' So what I find is very honest and useful is to take a patient who has allowed me to use their pictures and to find someone who has a similar skin type, similar facial structure, and then I'm doing the exact same operation that I propose to do on the patient and show them someone who looks fairly similar to them before and after.

Patient: . . . on the first day and has been with me on the first day and every day, stopping by. So today I decided to surprise her and I drove over here, let her make dinner for me. And she is really curious about everything that's been happening and how the recovery process has been going on.

Dr. Glasgold: And I think that really gives a very honest and realistic idea of what kind of ball park they're going to be in afterwards.

Deb's Facelift Journey Part 2 - Consultation

Dr. Mark Glasgold continues Amy's facelift consultation. He discusses the use of computer imaging in the consultation and why he prefers to use other patients' before and after photos instead.