Dr. Mathew C. Mosher: Some of the recent trends we've seen in our area really reflect the demographics. I find that both men and women that come to our practice lead busy lives, and they want to maintain or look their best without a lot of downtime. And there's been a lot of advancements in both the non-surgical treatments that we offer here at our practice, as well as the surgical side. Even something as simple as getting on the right skin care program, or having some laser light treatments that will brighten the appearance of your skin will allow you to feel a little bit more refreshed to get back in your professional life.

Now on the surgical side, there's been advances to speed up the recovery as well. And whether it's body contouring surgery or facial procedures, patients are quite surprised at how quickly they can get back to their normal lives. Five or ten years ago, we used to see men being brought in by their spouses, somewhat reluctantly by the way, however, now we see men working hard to try and improve their appearance; working hard to try and improve their body shape, and struggling sometimes despite all their best efforts. So some of the trends I see in men is to use liposuction and even a non-invasive approach like Ultra Shape to improve small stubborn areas of fat on their torsos.

Another interesting trend is guys who have unwanted fullness, or breast tissue - men boobs - or this concern about having a golf shirt, when it fits them tightly it doesn't look very nice. And it's a challenge; it's something that's very private and they don't know how to get solutions to it. But now there's good surgical solutions that can permanently solve that and allow men to wear more fitted clothes and not have to think about it anymore.

Cosmetic Trends in British Columbia

Doctor Mathew C. Mosher discusses trends he is seeing from patients in his practice.