This is Dr. Epstein. I just want to show a patient. One hour, that's post her eyebrow transplant. She had really thin eyebrows as a result of just genetics. Also, she'd had a prior tattoo. They were done a little asymmetrically, but overall, they weren't bad. But she was looking for just an overall fuller look. She's really happy. We did around 620 total number of grafts.

Let me show you what we've done on her. You can see how that pretty shape... You can see her own original eyebrows, and you can also now see where the transplants were done. Basically, you can see how the hairs replace, so that the top hairs grow a little bit down, bottom hairs grow a little bit up. You know, you go so close in it, just go back up a little further. And then, basically these hairs grow mostly in a vertical direction. Same thing out here, these actually grow slightly vertical, and then these grow slightly down. These grow slightly up, and they go all the way out to here. She's really happy. I just wanted to show a nice little result. Can't tell, but she's smiling but she never stopped smiling. And, as I said, around 300, a little under 300 grafts per side because I also filled in the areas of thinning.

Cosmetic Eyebrow Transplant To Thicken and Darken Brows

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains how eyebrow transplants should still imitate natural hair growth, so when done properly, they should be transplanted to grow in several different directions, as natural brows would.